DataFesters — and others — are welcome and encouraged to present a summary of your best data analysis project at the 2019 Computer Science Extravaganza! Extra credit will be awarded to those who participate and do the Data Science program proud!

Here’s the transcript from today’s class!

If you struggled with the taxes problem on homework #2, here’s my solution for you to take a look at.

Whoops, forgot to post the gradebook.csv file from our melting/merging/tidying example.

If you get a weird error when trying to load the meterorites.json file that says something like:

'charmap' codec can't decode byte blah blah...

the solution may be to add a encoding='utf-8' argument to your open() call. In other words, change this:'meterorites.json','r')...

to this:'meterorites.json','r',encoding='utf-8')...

If that still doesn’t work for you, email me so I can diagnose.

From class today, the code and the contribs.csv file which we’ll continue to analyze on Wednesday.

If you’re planning on going to DataFest with us, instead of (or in addition to) taking the final exam, please sign up ASAP at the link I wrote on the board yesterday! (To avoid getting spammed, I have also posted the link in Canvas, not here.)

Also, if you have preferred teammates, please email me and give me your teammates’ names!

Do this soon!

Like, now!

Quiz #3 has been posted to Canvas, and is due next Tuesday (2/26) by midnight. It is open-book, open-notes, closed-Python, closed-other-humans, and timed at 30 minutes. Good luck!

Homework #3, a partner-based assignment, has been posted and is due February 27th. Pair up with someone, or send me an email (with subject line (“DATA 219 Homework #3 partner request”) asking for a partner, ASAP!.

Good luck!

Snow Day today, but I’ll be online all day and happy to answer email questions!

Also, just a reminder that tomorrow’s office hours are changed from 2-3pm to 10-11am.