Reminder: if you would like me to pair you with someone for homework #1, please send me an email (with subject line “DATA 219 Homework #1 partner request“) as soon as possible!

At Paige’s request, here’s a transcript of what we did in class today. (It’s very disorganized, as most of it was written on-the-fly and in response to questions. But it should all be there!)

Quiz #1 (of 8) has been posted to Canvas, and is due Sunday at midnight. To review the rules: the quiz is open-notes, closed-Python (and closed-Spyder, closed-Jupyter-Notebooks, etc.), closed-other-humans, and timed at 30 minutes.

Homework #1, a partner-based affair, has been posted and is due February 10th. Read the first section about partners immediately, pair up with someone, or send me an email (as described) asking for a partner.

Good luck!

Due to uninteresting reasons, I’m swapping my previously announced Tuesday and Thursday office hours times for the rest of the semester. Here’s the new office hours.

Here’s a copy of the code for today’s activity today, to which the answer was:

Millieun Miles

Staring deeply at this code, and playing with it on Python Tutor is an excellent and praiseworthy idea.

If Spyder is giving you fits because it plots information from one plot right smack on top of information for the next plot, try putting this line immediately after each plot that you perform:

There was a bit more confusion Friday than I expected on the topic of “which plot types and which statistics are appropriate for various kinds of categorical/numerical and univariate/bivariate data?” So I greatly expanded section 1.4 of the course notes (available on the “NOTES” tab in the menu above) to lay out that taxonomy clearly. Grasping those data types, plot types, and why each one is appropriate is vital for being able to conduct a coherent and efficient exploratory analysis of a new data set.

Hey everybody, the Data Mavens student data science club is having their first spring meeting next Thursday, Jan. 24th at 5pm in Woodard 202. They’ll be talking about all their planned spring activities, including DataFest!

If you’re interested in Data Science, you should totally totally get involved with Data Mavens! The officers (Harrison, Zoe, Ashley, Bryce, Katie) and the rest of the gang are super cool and fun and funny people, and together we all learn a ton about the field and the industry.

The first homework assignment of the semester has been posted, and is due in one week. Dig in!