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Assigned Completed Responsible Action
150928 151010 Andrew Andrew will send an email to the CPSC staff that describes his progress on the Security Minor. Andrew will send this prior to our next meeting.
150928 Open Stephen Stephen's committee will create a "test" for first two QR assessment criteria
150928 151125 Ron Ron will create an instrument to measure the fourth QR assessment criteria.
150928 151010 Ron Ron has the action to complete the plan for our department assessment in the next two weeks.
150928 Open Karen Karen will review Stephen's test questions for the 240 portion of the assessment of Parallel Computing.
150928 151015 Andrew, Ron Andrew and Ron will create a plan to perform the assessment of the Information Assurance SLO. See action assigned on 11/3/15 to create the assessment.
150928 151015 Stephen Stephen will update the Admissions Blurb
150928 151102 Jeanne Jeanne will determine what it takes for us to give CPSC 220 credit for those with AP java. Answer: We formed a committee, which is described in another action.
150928 151015 Andrew Andrew, with an assist from Ian, will create a submission to the CAS Curriculum Committee proposing to add CPSC 225 to the CPSC 414 prereqs.
150928 151102 Ron, Stephen Ron and Stephen will discuss the 419 prereq and whether it should change from the current 219-or-220 to 240 (or something higher). Answer: At the CPSC staff meeting on Nov 2, we decided we want both CS and DS Minors to succeed in 419. We will adjust the prereq will be either 240 (CS) or 319 (DS) which will be a better prereq for the DS Minors. This will happen when we begin to teach 319, which does not yet exist. For now we will retain 220 as the only prereq for 419.
151102 Open Jennifer, Andrew Jennifer and Andrew will coordinate their 400-level summer 2016 courses such that they are in opposite semesters.
151102 Open Karen, Stephen Karen and Stephen will discuss compensation for Karen's work supporting internships offline.
151102 Open Ron, Andrew Ron and Andrew will design the Information Assurance Plan for our assessment.
151102 Open Ron Ron will send link to the Experiential Learning Assessment Survey to Jennifer
151102 151103 Ron Ron will discuss Taiwo to determine which assessment we are attempting to satisfy. Answer: We are performing our 5 year assessment.
151102 151115 Ian Ian will create course revision proposals for 326, 305, 340, 350 such that the proposals match Ian's red arrows on the graphics Ian provided, along with the 125 for 414 prereq that we added during the meeting.
151102 151115 Andrew Andrew will update the typos in the Security Minor proposal and provide the update to Stephen.
151102 Open Stephen Stephen will help Anna (or the BLS department) update the BLS Computer Specialist Major so that students can actually complete the degree requirements.
151102 151109 Stephen Stephen will fix the Data Science minor typos and send these to the Curriculum Committee prior to Nov 11.
151102 160309 Karen, Jeanne, Gusty The CPSC AP Java Committee consists of Karen, Jeanne, and Gusty. The committee will determine the algorithm for awarding 220 credit to students what have successfully completed AP Java. See recommendation at AP Java Summary. See related Actions assigned on 160307.
151130 Open ??? Someone will ask UMW for a dedicated CPSC server to be used for several of our courses.
151130 Open Karen Karen will examine the VCCS computer classes and provide a recommendation for giving UMW CPSC credit
151130 Open Ian Ian will determine where on the CPSC Web Page we should place information that describes transfer credits so students can see what VCCS CS courses would be good to take prior to transferring to UMW.
151130 Open Stephen Stephen will propose (to the GENED Committee) adding a QR designation for CPSC 219.
151130 Open Jennifer, Karen, Ian, Ron, Andrew Verify Stephen's information that correlates Heriot-Watt University courses to our courses. Jennifer and Karen - 430. Ian - 326. Karen - 348/448. Ian, Ron, and Andrew - 305, 404.
160307 Open Karen Karen will create an assessment for 240.
160307 160404 Stephen Somone will update the stale information in the list of AP Credits for CPSC. The following link shows AP credit for all of UMW. It contains stale information. For example, the link states we give 220 credit for receiving a 4 or 5 on the Computer Science AB test, which was discontinued in May 2008. See related action assigned on 160404.
160307 160313 Gusty Gusty will send Karen a list of students who had AP Java.
160307 160404 Karen Karen will poll students with AP Java about their experiences in CPSC 220. We will use the results of this poll to finalize our decision on awarding credit for AP Java. See AP Java Summary for AP Java plan. See decision in meeting minutes for 4 April 2016.
160404 16420 Everyone Everyone is to rank the scholarship applications in the scholarship database by Monday, April 11.
160404 Open Stephen Stephen will contact COE (George Meadows) about computer science in VA public schools.
160404 Open Stephen Stephen to provide AP Java credit information to the appropriate UMW personnel. This information will delete the obsolete AP B and update the AP A.